Medicinal Plants and Spices

from Around the World

MateriaMed GmbH as a family based company specializes in sustainable import and export of Medicinal/Aromatic Plants, but also offers storage and processing services. Through a worldwide network of sources and projects we supply the food and feed industry with top-quality raw material and readymade mixed herbal tea in numerous varieties.

We provide medicinal/Aromatic plants as well as spices and essential oils to many customers through our many service stations worldwide. Our products are also designed to meet the needs of businesses – from the herbal tea production industry to spice, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food.
Produkte aus kontrollierter Landwirtschaft

Our strength lies in supply and procurement in the medical, spice, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This fact allows us to offer our customers a wide range of raw materials in different fields.

1. Gewürze-Spice



Our line of Spices including Saffron are from the best harvest, cultivated in the middle East under our direct Control and Observation.

2. Heilpflnazen-Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants


The great Line for every drugstore and Kitchen! Our complete Range of Plants as the perfect substitute for drugs and best ingredient for the kitchen.

3. Dried herbs-Getrocknete Kräuter

Dried Herbs


Highlight of our Products! Herbs in different origins under our full and intensive control! Specification according to the EU- and American Standards.

4. Ätherishcen Öle- Essential Oil

Essential Oil


Very wide line of essential oils and herb/seed oils in both organic and conventional quality are the best option not only for food industry but also for cosmetic Industry.

5. Getrocknete Früchte-Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits


Our exotic range of wild collected fruits from the far east in unlimited quantities both in organic and conventional quality are the answer to your sweet and souer taste.

6. Gummies-Gums



Our own sustainable harvesting from the nature.

7. Kräuter und Teemischungen-Herb and Tea Mixtures

Herb- Tea Mixtures

We call it our magic line! Our magic line of tea blends and herb blends, a combination of great tastes and perfect color for the tea, spice, gastronomy and chocolate industry.